Sexual Health Evaluation and Management

Sexuality and sexual wellbeing are two of the most unique and amazing aspects of who we are. Our sexuality can define us as individuals, and also can play an integral role in our relationships. As we age, hormonal changes and imbalances can take a toll on our health and our sex lives. This can lead to problems with intimacy which contribute to a variety of personal and relationship issues. Because of this, it is crucial that we take charge of our own health and wellbeing.

The more understanding we have about ourselves, the easier it is to figure out how to improve our quality of life and overall health. As the body ages, certain hormones and functions begin to slow down, or even stop. As a result of this, sexual dysfunction can occur. Aging does not mean we have to accept a decline or loss of libido.

There are many metabolic reasons that contribute to loss of desire, the ability to enjoy sex and vaginal dryness. Hormones play an essential role in every metabolic process, especially in our sexual health. Menopause and andropause involve the gradual decline of various hormones. There are signs and symptoms that occur, sometimes subtle, that give us clues about which hormones are out of whack. Imbalances can be improved through diet and exercise changes or may require hormone replacement. The techniques and strategies vary considerably based on each individual.

Another common cause of sexual issues in women is an unbalanced or weak pelvic floor. The muscles that support your pelvic organs play a major role during sexual intercourse. There are exercises, as well as forms of surgery, which can help restructure and rehabilitate the pelvic floor. This is another situation where the cause needs to be assessed for a treatment plan to be prescribed. Another common resolution is vaginal tightening or reconstruction. This is typically achieved through surgery or laser treatment.

If you have concerns about your sexual health, and are ready to feel better and live better, Tree of Life Medical can help. Please come visit us if you have any concerns about your hormone imbalance or pelvic floor dysfunction that may be contributing to your overall well-being or a decline in your sexual health.