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At Tree of Life Medical, patients are the essence of our Practice. Our highest priority is to do what is in the best interest of our patients at all times. Tree of Life Medical is a convenient, caring, accessible healthcare practice, whose hope is to deliver quality healthcare that exceeds patient expectations, remove barriers to patient interactions with their healthcare providers, and facilitate achievement of each patient’s optimal personal health, happiness and wellbeing.

Tree of Life Medical cherishes the opportunity to guide patients through the process of health and wellness. Our goal is to help patients understand the changes that are occurring as they move through various stages of life and provide them with ways to optimize their personal health. We strive to educate patients in a comfortable, compassionate and caring environment so that they can take control of their health and wellness.

Tree of Life Medical recognizes that medicine is an evolving field. Our practice values efficiency and prides itself on maintaining a well-run, ethical office that promotes an ideal environment for patient and staff interaction. We are dedicated to remaining flexible in an effort to maintain a modern practice while respecting time honored values, traditions and personal beliefs.

Patient feedback and suggestions are always welcome as we continuously re-evaluate our processes to ensure we are delivering the highest quality health care.


Dr. Jennifer Iacovelli, MD, MS is a self-motivated health care professional. She prides herself on educating and empowering men and women to optimize their overall health and wellness through achieving hormone balance. As a well-trained, respected provider of hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Iacovelli understands the range of health issues individual’s face as they approach and undergo menopause and andropause. Her knowledge and expertise in the area of hormone health is utilized to improve the short-term and long-term health of her patients. Most importantly, she strongly believes in empowering patients by increasing their personal growth and understanding of what is happening to them physically. Her hope is that through better education, more patients will receive proper treatment to live healthier, happier lives.

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